What is Car rental Model?

Users can list their vehicles for rent through the platform.

– Users can Add vehicles, upload documents for verification by the admin to enable listing.

– Users can enable/disable listing by setting the preferred location, Available duration, and preferences while listing the vehicle.

– Users who want to rent the vehicle can add the location and duration and fetch the vehicles accordingly.

– Once the user requests a journey, the request will be sent to the host user application rental request page where the host user can approve or reject the request

– Once the host user approves the journey request, the user can make payment from my trips and start the ride once the pickup time has arrived.

– Users need to upload all the 4sides images of the vehicle while starting and ending the journey.

– Users can rate the vehicle/Journey once the journey has ended.

Host user app Reference Video – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QZYAraZNwpOSVQl2AnNet9Ax9bv5YjwU/view?usp=sharing
User app Booking video –
User app start journey video –

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