Rentals & Outstation

1. What is Rentals & Outstation “Vehicle Type” a. Rentals Rentals Vehicle Type  allows the user to book a ride on an hourly basis. It usually helps customers book rides with the help of packages defined by the admin of the platform. . It can be 1 hour or 2 […]

Airport Fee (Pickup or Drop Both)

– Additional Fare will be added to the existing fare if the user enter the pickup or drop location within the Airport geofence defined. – If the User enters the Pickup or Drop location within the Airport defined geofence then airport charges will be applied. – First, we have to […]

Congestion (Pickup or Drop Both)

– Congestion charges can be defined in the urban road networks where there is heavy traffic and have longer trip times due to traffic. – Once the driver enters the pickup or drop location within the congestion defined Area, congestion charges will be added to the ride amount – Admin […]

Fixed Fare (Drop)

– Admin can set a particular location in the high-demand area as per his requirement. – Fixed Fare will fetch according to the drop location entered by the user. – Admin can set a particular area like Hospital, Bus stop, Stadium, etc. – Admin can set the fixed rate for […]

Hotspot (Pickup)

– Hotspots will be pickup based and can be set up on-demand basis on high-traffic regions and the fare will be added up to the regular fare. – Pickup-based charges based on high-demand Areas. Admin can set the polygon inside the geofence-based Hotspots(high-demand regions). Enter a particular location >>Geofence Name>>Geofence […]


Key Points  Admin needs to pre-define the toll area with Entry and Exit polygons, one after another on the map view from custom geofence. Admin draws the Black and Green geofence on the road(Entry and Exit polygon) where toll area lies one after other and defines the amount charged. If […]

How to Schedule Popup:

1. After creating the Popup; we have to schedule it as well and we have to selectthe event i.e; where the popup should be displayed. 2. In the Scheduled Popup page; we have to fill in all the details. Scheduled Popup’s: 1. In this option; all the scheduled Popup lists […]

How to view Popup

2. After the Popup is created in the admin panel; the list of all the created popup will be displayed on another screen ; on View Popup View Popup Created Popup Information:

How to set Driver Referral ?

We need to select add referrals there we need to enter the amount to referee and referral and also the type of transfer to bank or others, number of rides.   Referral Id ,type, amount, created date, last updated date will be displayed there. To Add New Referral offer Click On Add. […]