How to set offers in menus ?

Offers (Menus)

With Offers, an Admin can create, view and edit Offers of different types to give monetary benefits for Deliveries to customers.

Offers are of the following types:

  1. Promotions: Promo codes created to give monetary benefits to all Customers who apply it.
  2. Coupons: Coupons are for a specific set of Customers.


To create an Offer, click on the Add Offer button.


The following fields need to be filled based on the required Use Case for Offer creation:

  1. Offer Type: The type of offer to be created. (Promotion or Coupon)
  2. Title: The Title of the offer which will act as the Promo Code for users.
  3. Description: The Terms of Use for the Offer.
  4. Benefit Type: The type of benefit that is to be offered.
    1. Cash: A Flat Cash Discount on the order value.
    2. Cash Percentage: A Percentage Cash Discount based on the order value.
    3. Cashback: A Flat Cash amount to be credited back to the customer.
    4. Cashback Percentage: A Percentage Cash amount to be credited back based on the order value.
  5. Benefit Value: The fixed cash amount in case of Cash or Cashback and the percentage in case of Cash Percentage or Cash Back Percentage.
  6. Max Benefit Value: The maximum amount that can be discounted in case of Cash Percentage or Cash Back Percentage.
  7. Start Date: The starting date of the Offer.
  8. End Date: The ending date of the Offer.
  9. No of Allowed Users: The maximum number of Customers who can get the benefit of the Offers.
  10. Max Per User: The number of times a Promotion can be used by a single Customer.
  11. Order Amount: The minimum order value for the offer to be applicable.
  12. Remarks: The description or explanation of the Offer.


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