Book for someone else || Gift Ride

1. GIFT RIDE A gift ride means giving somebody a ride as a gift. Note: If a non-existing user doesn’t have any application still an existing user can book a ride for him. -Users can gift a ride to another user by entering the phone number of the existing or non-existing user to whom the gift has to be shared. -Users have to enter, pick up and drop off location and pay for the ride. -Once a ride is accepted by the driver, the user will get a call from the driver. -Users can cancel the ride only before starting. -Existing users and drivers can chat/call with each other during the ride. -As soon as the driver accepts the ride, the ride details will be shown to the gifted customer also, except the fare. -If the user is a non-existing user, then he/she will get an SMS notification for the driver’s info. -Drivers also can cancel the ride during the ongoing ride. -User can edit the phone number before confirming the ride request.

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