City Settings Dashboard

City Settings 


City Settings are available in the Dashboard in the under the settings section , 

 Admin can add the service which they need to provide in the particular city 




4.Airport Taxi

The admin can disable/enable the services according to their need in the city.

The admin can even provide the Description and Info for the same.



 In City Settings we can enable/disable or define few values  :-


1) Chat Enabled

To enable / disable the chat service while the ongoing rides .


2) Mandatory Fare Capping Threshold –

 It is the fare which is mandatory cut from the wallet 


3) Driver Side Menu –

 It shows the list of side menu  tabs we can enable or disable from the driver app.


4) Emergency No. – 

Can put the number to call in emergency 


5) Driver Support No. – 

For driver to call in case of support 


6) Customer Support No. –  

For customers to call in case of support


7) Support Email – 

The email where the user and the driver can reach the admin 


8) Operator Name – 

It means the name which is visible on the admin panel left hand side on top.


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