Driver Subscription

Driver Subscription: Driver subscription is an option for the driver that offers the flexibility to choose a plan that fits their work routines. a. From the admin panel, we can add the driver subscription. In driver subscriptions, there are two options 1. Subscriptions list. 2. Driver’s list. Subscription list: b. First; in the admin panel we have to go to the subscription list after that there is an option i.e; ADD SUBSCRIPTION -> by clicking that option we have to fill in all the details. c. Options 1.Amount: Amount for the Subscription 2. Title: Title for the subscription. 3. Subtitle: Any subtitle for the subscription. 4. In that mainly there is one option i.e; TYPE -> Based on the type we can create the subscription in two different ways. a. Based on ride count  //We can create a subscription based on the Number of Rides. b.  Based on duration    //We can create the subscription based on the number of days. 5. Start from The starting date of the subscription. 6. End on: The ending date of the subscription. 7. Plan type: Based on the driver’s performance we can add the subscription to either a normal plan or a driver-specific. 8. Vehicle type: We have to add a subscription to all the vehicle types. 9. Terms and conditions: An admin can specify the terms and conditions for that particular subscription. d. After entering all the details; at last we have to add the subscription. Driver’s list: 1.In the driver’s list; there are three options. a. Enrolled subscriptions.  // In this option; all the enrolled drivers for subscription will be displayed. b. Expiring subscriptions.  // In this option; we can find the drivers whose subscription is going to expire. c. Expired/Unsubscribed subscriptions.  // In this option; we can find the drivers whose offers have expired and unsubscribed. 2. In a driver’s subscription if you want to add all the driver’s detailed list at a time there is an option i.e; EXPORT CSV -> by entering all the details in a CSV file we can add a bulk amount of data. 3. From the admin panel also; we can subscribe to the driver. By clicking the option i.e; SUBSCRIBE DRIVER -> First we have to Enter Driver ID and tick the symbol and after we have to enter all the options and at last subscribe to it. 4. The subscribed driver details will be displayed on enrolled subscriptions. 5 Now the subscription page will be displayed on the driver’s application. 6. There are two ways to buy anyone’s subscription.
  1. Through card. //First; the driver has to add his card; then only he can buy the subscription through the card.
2. Through Wallet. //In this process; the admin has to credit the money to the driver’s wallet from the admin panel itself. 7. Once; the driver is subscribed; then only the driver will be active and he is able to accept the rides.

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