User Documents

User Documents 

User documents is the feature in Jugnoo which allows us to filter the data of the user , so that the driver can take rides only from genuine customers . when Driver will get the ride they will be notified that this is the verified customer , in the ride request there will be a tick mark after the name of the customer, if the customer is verified.

On the panel it will be reflected on the active customers ,
Dashboard<Active Drivers<Customer with documents 


How To Enable

On Dashboard


– when a customer will login and will upload all the documents , they’ll be reflected on active drivers panel of dashboard from that you have to approve the documents

On applications
– when you log in, after that you’ll have the option to upload the documents and become a verified customer .

– if not then then you can go to the user profile and from that you can upload your documents to become a verified user 


Images from dashboard and applications




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