User Rate Card

  1. Vehicle Fare Setting :

  • Ability for the users to view the rate card on the Customer application >> Side menu>> Rate card / Fare details.
  • Suppose the user needs to place a ride for the vehicle type taxi; then they can check the taxi fare in the rate card/Fare details option so that they can make an estimated fare for the particular ride.
  •  The fare will be fixed from the admin panel. In the admin panel, there is an option named “Vehicle Fare Settings”.
  • There will be a different types of vehicles available also in the Dashboard where Admin can select any vehicle type and can change/update the fare corresponding to any vehicle type.
  • Click here to explore how to create vehicles on Dashboard.
  • Click here to explore how to set the Fare structure.
  1.  User App:

  •  The updated fare will be displayed in the user rate card on the User App >> Side menu.
  •  In the User App >> Rate card; User can see the fare details corresponding to each vehicle type.
  • And if the fare is increased/updated from the admin panel,the same will be reflected automatically in the user rate card option. Then the user can choose the vehicle type according to the requirement.




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